I have two hopefully simple questions.

First, my wife's hair dryer plug's prongs get very hot. In fact if she is not careful when she pulls the plug out, the prongs could (almost) burn the skin. Lowering the dryer's heat setting significantly reduces how hot the prongs get... other items that I have plugged in that outlet (as a test) do not get hot, and using the hair dryer in other outlets still results in "hot" prongs. This suggests to me that (a) the hair dryer is pulling too much power for the circuit (one was 15 and one was actually 20 amps) or the dryer itself is defective... any way to tell which one? Is this a fire hazard?

The second has to do with 3 way switch wiring... for reasons too involved to go into on the forum I want to replace a 3 way switch-light set up to use a wireless switch (one at either of the steps) but use the wiring at the light for the receiver. My question is that do I just connect black to black, white to white and cap the red at one switch, and then do black-black, white-white, and cap the red at the receiver/light end - and then cap the wires going to the other - now dead - switch (which I probably will remove and cap and just cover with a outlet cover)? (I will pull the wires if possible, but I suspect they are stapled to the studs).