I am trying to understand the installation procedures for installing a remote control into a Hampton Bay (Mod. 197 878) Grammercy Fan.
The reomote receiver has a total of 6 wires. One is the antenna wire, and that speaks for itself. There are black, white and blue wires on one side, and I completely understand that they get conntected to the black, white, and blue wires coming from the fan into the junction box wiring.
The problem I am having is that on the other side of the receiver there is a red and white wire. The instructions state that the "RED RECEIVER WIRE GOES TO THE RED SUPPLY WIRE", and the "WHITE RECEIVER WIRE GOES TO THE WHITE SUPPLY WIRE". I have 3 wires coming from my junction box (black, white and ground).
Where do I connect these 2 (red and white) wires, or do they simply remain disconnected?