For reasons of convenience I swapped the wireless remotes between a Hampton Bay and a Harbour Breeze ceiling fan. The Hampton was an in-the-wall remote with a REV button, and the Harbour was a hand held remote w/o a REV button. Both control units, which get installed in the fan base, appear identical so I suspect they're made by the same Chinese supplier. Anyway everything works fine except the Hampton only runs in reverse (upward air movement) which I don't want. As an experiment, I tried swapping the supply hot and neutral wires at the fan base with no difference. I don't think I can swap the black and whie wires from the controller to the fan motor because I suspect the fan light won't work. It seems to me I might be able to open the fan up and swap the leads going to the motor but, before I try it, I was wondering if anyone's ever done that or if anyone has any other suggestions. Thanks