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    Aug 10, 2007, 04:32 PM
    Grounding/neutral meter box and panel
    I'm istalling a 100 amp service in the yard w/meter for the lake equip. The pole will have 3 conductors from the power transformer to the meter box (neutral an two hots). The ground wire from the ground rod connects at the meter box at the same lugs as the neutral? Yes? Or to the meter box housing? Then will the grn wire continue to the panel with main breaker to the neutral lugs or the metal houseing. I noticed the breaker panel the neutral is isolated from the metal housing but the meter box neutral direct connects to the metal housing (should it be insulated from the metal box? Should there be grounding bus bar somewhere? Could you explain the path and connections the grnd wire takes from the grnd rod through the meter box ending at the breaker panel. Thanks Bruce
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    Aug 11, 2007, 05:17 AM
    The neutral lug is connected directly to the meter box, must remain that way, and will have two ports for each of the neutrals, and should have a small lug for the grounding wire. The ground wire from a ground rod or city water grounding electrode can either connect to the meter neutral or at the panelboard neutral, but only if the panelboard has the main breaker in it.

    If the main breaker is in the panelboard, then a jumper wire or screw must connect the neutral bar to the metal box of the panelboard. Once this happens, then the neutral bar can have both neutrals and ground wires from branch circuits connected to it.

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