I have a GFI outlet in my garage that has no power. It displays a yellow light; all of my other GFI outlets display a green light.

There are two buttons on the outlet; I can press one to disable the outlet, the other turns it back on, and it displays the yellow light, with no power.

There are outdoor outlets that connect to the GFI outlet. There is nothing plugged into them; they have no power either.

We had the house built two years ago. Ever since then, if the weather outdoors was wet, the GFI outlet would trip when I tried to use an outdoor outlet. I was always able to successfully reset it, until now. The weather now is dry.

The GFI outlet was replaced by an electrician not long after we bought the house, but nothing changed.

I plugged two small (1500W) electrical heaters into an outddor outlet three weeks ago, to heat my greenhouse. They immediately tripped the GFI outlet, and I haven't been able to reset it since.

I've tried re-setting the circuit breaker to the GFI outlet several times.