I have a generator that is used for emergency power. I would like to know if it is reasonably safe to plug into the two 125V outlets, each rated at 20A and combine them into a 240V, 20A circuit to run my water well. I have previously used a long heavy-duty extension cord 12-2 w gr and plugged into the L14-30 generator output. That will soon be hooked to a transfer switch to run other circuits in the house. Since the generator transfer switch is sized to match that 30A outlet, I feel I could get more out of the 5550 gen set by leaving the water well to run on a cord. The well is usually run twice a day for an hour each time for showers, building the pressure back up in the system, and catching water for drinking, flushing, etc. Since the gen set is capable of much more than 30A, I'd like to hook the well up "as needed" through an extension cord, as previously done.

My idea is to wire two male plugs from the generator receptacles to an air conditioner disconnect rated for at least 20A at 240V, thus providing a means to assure both hot legs are activated simultaneously. Any thoughts on this are appreciated.