I had a circuit breaker box installed about a month ago. I also had recessed lighting installed in the bedrooms with dimmer switches. The wiring goes from the box to the attic and connects to the each lighting fixture. This was all done by a professional.

Today, just as I walked into my garage where the circuit breaker box is, I saw a spark come out of the box. It wasn't a continuous spark - just one or maybe two. Afraid to touch the box, I went around the house to see where the electricity was out. It was all the recessed lighting fixtures in the bedrooms.

About two hours later, I went to the breaker box and saw that one of the switches was in the middle position. I put it in the off position for one minute, then put it back into the on position. Ran back upstairs to the bedrooms and appears that all the recessed lights work again.

Should I be concerned about this? I'm wondering if it was the temperature, as it was nearly 90 degrees today and the attic probably gets over 100 degrees easily. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,