I just purchased a new construction home and I am wanting to figure out the easiest way to put the fans and light kits on separate switches or controls.
I have a large vaulted rectangular living room that has two fans with a light kit on each fan. Both of the fans and the light kits are connected to one switch so that when I flip the switch everything will power on and then if I want to adjust anything I go and pull on the pull chains on each fan. I am really wanting to somehow put the lights and the fans on separate controls. Is there an easy way to do this besides having to run a new wire to both fans and back down to the switch? I have already checked in the switch box and it was not wired with an extra lead wire from the switch to the fans.
Is it possible maybe if I switched out the fans and lights with a different model fan and light? I really want to get this done but fishing wires is something that I want to avoid.
Thanks for any insight or help.