I purchased 2 ceiling fans to install into a renovation with all new wiring.

Fan #1 came with a built in remote.
Fan #2 did not come with a remote, I bought the $30 handheld remote and had it wired in during installation.

Both remotes turn each respective fan on and off at the 3 speeds.

However, both remotes also do not dim the respective light-kits (full range) as specified they would.

Instead, when I hit "light" icon on either remote, the light starts dim and just works up to full on light and stays there. It is fast, the equivalent of a person turning on a dimmer and twirling it to get full light.

So I can't get any lighting except full light... although dim is in there - it starts dimmed but just goes by itself to full light.

I had an electrician wire the fans and the 1 remote unit in -- everything else seems to work.. I thought maybe I was supposed to use 50-100-150 (3 way) bulbs, but that doesn't make sense if I'm supposed to get full range dimming...

Help!! And thank you in advance for any tips...