I have a nagging husband that is convinced that I am costing him an arm and leg leaving too many lights on in our home. If there is more than one on that is too many he says. This is driving me crazy. Most of the lights in our home are just the standard light bulbs. Most of them are 60 watts however a few are 100 watts. Foregive me I am not too bright when it comes to electricity but I do think the wattage has something to do with how much electricity they pull. Hence the more wattage the more money you're paying to burn it I think. We do have some fluorescent lighting in our home as well. He says these lights cost less to burn. Which I do believe I have heard before. Can someone please tell me about how much it costs to run a 100 watt light bulb for an hour? Does fluorescent lighting really cost less? And also, is it true that turning the light on and off costs more than just continually leaving it running if you are going to need it again within the next 30 minutes?If my husband is right then so be it but at least I will know Thank You!!