Hi, I am installing wiring for a new central air condenser that is being installed next week, and I wanted to make sure I was not missing anything. The HVAC installer told me that I needed #8 and 40 amps. I have a flexible whip to go from the disconnect to the condenser and have run (2) #8 wires plus a ground across my basement to the breaker box. I bought a 60 A disconnect box (is this the proper size? Only size Lowe's had) and it has an on/off switch rather than a pull out or a fuse style. Does the type matter? Inside this box I assume I hook up the wires from the circuit breaker to the line terminals and the wires from the condenser to the load terminals, is this correct? Finally I wasnít quite sure which circuit breaker to buy, I know 40 amps and Iím pretty sure itís a 2 pole, and hacr but other than that is there anything to the circuit breaker selection? Anything else I might need to know to keep this wiring job up to code would be helpful. Thank you.