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    May 30, 2006, 02:35 PM
    Concern about circuit panel overload
    I'm in a process of adding a full bath and have a few concerns that I need your help with:

    #1. I have a 125 Amp circuit panel, and I did some calculation by adding up all the Amps for individual circuit breakers. I came up with:
    a. On the left hand side, the total of 155 Amps.
    b. On the right hand side, the total of 235 Amps.

    Is this true that for a 125 Amp circuit panel, you can only have up 125 amps when you added all the indidual circuit breakers together?

    #2. I'm planning to add 2 more circuit breakers of 20 Amps to this panel, my concern is about overloading the panel. Can I do this? If not can you advise me what I need to do instead of having an electrician guy upgrades to 200 Amp panel. We don't have the budget right now to upgrade to the 200 Amps.

    Your help are valuable.
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    May 30, 2006, 02:41 PM
    Load calculations are not done by adding the overcurrent rating of fuses or circuit breakers.

    If you provide a list of all appliances, heat, cooling and square footage of livable space in the home, I can do the calcs to check the size of your service. I do not do the calcs here or explain how they are done.

    If any one would like to see how the load calculations are done they can visit the library and review any edition of the National Electric Code.

    If your service was sized properly, there should be plenty of room for future expansion, and the two circuits should be fine to add without fear of tripping the main breaker.

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