We started noticing chirping (3 chirps) in our family room 2 weeks ago. We thought a bird in the fireplace. Then we realized it never stopped chirping day or night. We clocked it --every 2.5minutes. Then we mapped it--it went totally around the room --particularly near electrical outlets. The room has huge floor-to-ceiling windows and 3 doorways and a fireplace. The chirping is NOT heard in any other room. We unplugged all the electronics in the room overnight--chirping kept up every 2.5 minutes through the night. We shut the circuit breaker to that room several hours--still the chirping every 2.5 minutes. We had an exterminator exam the house and the room--no critters. Now the chirping seems to go diagonally from one corner of the room to the other. We have aluminum wiring in the house and had a new circuit box put in several years ago. We have lived in the house 30 years and have checked all the smoke detectors.

Any ideas as to what to do next, I would appreciate--I am concerned about safety.