I am currently remodeling my home and am coming across a major problem that NO ONE seems to have an answer for.

I have two ceiling fans that operate via remote control. The rest of the ones in my home are the popular "pull down" chains - and those work prefectly with the new fan/light dimmers that I installed.

The question I have is this: are the two remote control ceiling fans going to work well with the new fan/light dimmers that I plan on installing? One guy at Lowe's told me "no" another guy at Home Depot told me "yes". I really want all the rooms that have ceiling fans to have these fan/light dimmers, as they are really convenient. I know that you have to install some kind of remote adapter (comes include in the fan/light dimmer package) to each ceiling fan in order for the one switch to operate both the light and the fan, but how will it operate the speed of the remote control fan? Do I have to put it on full speed and brightest light setting in order to have it "memorized" before I install the dimmer in order to control it accordingly?

Please help!!