My boss has a Quorum Duchess fan, SKU 311525-68. It is controlled by a Emerson SW95 wall-mounted speed control. The issue is that the fan will not start when the wall switch was turned to the first position. I located a replacement capacitor at Gulf Coast Ceiling Fans by talking to Mr. Mike. The capacitor has 2 values on the label, 4uf and 5uf. The capacitor is wired like this: 2 Yellow wires are connected to the union of the 4uf and the 5uf cap. There is a gray wire connected to the 4uf cap and a Pink wire connected to the 5uf cap. Each capacitor has a 330K resistor connected across it. I also have a photograph of the data printed on the capacitor, if that helps.

I replaced the old capacitor with the new one after verifying the two yellow wires were shorted.
After replacing each wire one at a time, we tried the fan. It did not turn. I tested the wiring to be sure that the wires were tight and in contact.