I am trying to find a recommended universal remote control for a ceiling fan.

I have read reviews online (mostly at Amazon) that the Hunter universal remotes are dodgy, as they appear to turn lights on and off at random.

I went to the Lowe's today, and they said they don't see many problems with either the Hunter or the Harbor Breeze universal remotes.

I have also looked online, but can't find much information on any other brand. However, it seems there are chronic problems with almost all these remotes.

I plan on buying a remote and wall plate control, as I don't want to be stuck having a non working remote and no way to control my fan.

I also would like to buy something at a local store in case I am having problems and can go exchange. However, if someone can swear by a universal remote I have no problem buying one online.

Can someone recommend a brand or model of universal remotes for a ceiling fan?

Also, can I mix different brands of a wall plate control and remote?

FYI all the fans in my house are either Hampton Bays or Hunters, but obviously want to buy a remote that will work with almost any ceiling fan (except the huggers and flush mounts, as I understand the housing is too small to hold the remote receiver).

Many thanks in advance for your help.