Project is to feed a spa, above ground pool pump and 1 pool light 100-125 feet from 200 amp main siemens panel. (the light is an aqualuminator that has a transformer and plugs into gfci outlet and installs in pool return line)

I've got 6/3 nmb for inside garage run to spa that will exit bottom of 200 amp main from 60 amp breaker make a tight 180 degree turn up the wall and across the ceiling (11.5 ft high) and down back of garage to exterior panel 60 amp gfci disconnect located 7 feet from spa. #6 thhn in rigid pvc conduit from disconnect under deck to spa with no more than 6' liquidtight when entering spa.

1. How do I attach the 6/3 nmb to finished drywall on garage wall and ceiling and maintain "protected" language. Conduit with hangers? This run is complicated by turns, more than 360 degrees.

2. I'm not sure about type of exterior service panel disconnect for spa yet due to need for electric to pool pump (12.3 amp 1.5hp) and light. I'd like to limit number of exterior panels. I've seen spa panels with extra breaker spaces. Any suggestions for spa disconnects that would meet this need?

I was planning dedicated 20A gfci circuits using 12/2 nm for inside garage with #12 thhn/thwn in conduit for exterior runs to pump and convenience outlet via buried 1" conduit.

3. Return the nmb and do #6 thhn/thwn for the spa circuit and #12 for the pool pump and convenience outlet from main 200 amp panel in 1" shed. 20 gray conduit. More $.

Thanks for the help.