Hi TK. I am running 400 amp service into my new contruction home. The electric compnay is running a single 400 amp line to the meter. I have to split it to the two panels at that point. You had told me once before that I need a 320 amp meter socket and then run 2-200 amp lines to the separate panels inside. My questions are: 1.) where can I find a 320 amp socket?? (my elec co does not provide meter sockets) I have looked everywhere and can only find up to 200 amp. 2.) how do I split it at that point? Can I just insert both 200 amp wires into the socket or is there a certain meter box that has receptacles for two separate wires coming out? 3.) What size wire should I use for the 400 amp main and what size for the two 200 amp? Thanks!