Hi, this is my first post here, but I have been reading a lot and have already learned a bunch.

I want to thank TK already and hope you reply to this.

I am in the process of designing my electrical system for my new home. I have some electrical experience, but am by no means a pro.

I am putting in a 400 amp service. This will come in through a 320 amp meter socket. At that time I need to break it out to 2 200 amp panels. But this is where it is different than the others I have read about. One panel will be on the wall inside that backs up to the meter. The other will be about 120ft away in a detached garage.

I am looking to split the incoming power in the meter housing. One side will run to the inside panel directly. (It will be equipped with a 200 amp main breaker.) The other side will run to a 200 amp panel or disconnect mounted outside next to the meter housing, then to the panel in the detached garage.

Now I know that the panel in the detached garage will have to be wired as a sub-panel, but my first question is, when I split it at the meter housing does the panel in the house and the outside panel/disconnect get wired as a sub-panel or do they both get wired as primary panels. (One is not feeding the other, they are both fed from the meter.)

Next question is, with a 200 amp panel in the house, a 200 amp panel outside the house (again, split in the meter socket, not in a panel) and the outside panel feeding a 200 amp panel in the detached garage, is it against code to then add any additional load to the outside panel that feeds the garage panel? (I hope this makes sense.) Let's say that I have the above situation and I decide to feed my well pump from the panel that feeds to the panel in the garage. I would then have a 200 amp breaker (2 pole) for the other panel and a 30 amp (2 pole) breaker for the well in a 200 amp panel. Is this against code?

I know this is a lot to throw out here at once, but I appreciate all the help I can get.