Inside housing case are two boxes. One box has #1,2,3,and letter L.
The other box has 1 red wire glued in silicone. There are two cords running into housing case.
A gray cord coming from fan's motor with 5 wires:
White,yellow,blue,gray,green w/white stripe.
A black cord (two prong plug) with 2 wires: black and white.
The black(bc),white(gc),yellow(gc),blue(gc) wires are
Attached at the appropriate post on the box labeled 1,2,3,L.
The green w/white stripe and red wires are connected together.
The other end of the red wire is enclosed in a plastic cap.
There are two wires that are loose:
The gray wire coming from the gray cord and the white wire coming from the black cord. Where do they connect?