My 5kw Coleman Powermate generator has two 110v receptacles and two 220v receptacles. Both of the 220v receptacles are the 3-prong blade type. My six circuit Reliance ProTran transfer switch has the 4 prong female twist lock. Both ends of my 30amp 4-wire cord are twist lock. The end for the transfer switch is no problem. My Coleman manual states if I am going to use the 220v receptacle to power up any 110 circuits, I have to use the transfer switch. It also says I have to have an adapter plug inserted into one of the 110v receptacles. Something I didn't understand about floating and bonded grounds. It says the ground and neutral terminal on the adapter plug has to have a jumper wire connecting the two together.
I was going to buy a three blade male plug that fits the configuration of the 220v receptacle on the generator. I thought I could cut off the male end of the 30amp power cord and hook the wires up to the new plug. My plan was to just connect the white neutral wire and the ground together on the new plug. Will this be the same thing as making an adapter plug and pluging into one of the 110v circuits? Will it work? Any other alternatives? Thanks, Steve