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    Nov 18, 2007, 06:55 PM
    240v heat & 120 outlet on same line?
    Hi - I have a 240v convection heater with no 120v features (fan, timer etc). I have a dedicated run of 12/3 wg available. Is there any way to use that spare 3rd wire to provide a couple 120 v outlets?
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    Nov 18, 2007, 07:01 PM
    Quote Originally Posted by taylorsk
    Hi - I have a 240v convection heater with no 120v features (fan, timer etc). I have a dedicated run of 12/3 wg available. Is there any way to use that spare 3rd wire to provide a couple 120 v outlets?
    You can install a comb 120/240 receptacle on a 20 amp or 15 amp circuit providing the breaker is a double pole breaker and the wire is a 3 wire with ground. Don
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    Nov 18, 2007, 07:19 PM
    Just tie the white wire to the silver screw and either hot to the brass. You may want to take care just what you plug in. The heater may already consuming most of the power available.
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    Nov 19, 2007, 05:48 AM
    I'm confused here... as usual. Are you saying you currently have a 240V circuit (your 12/3 cable) that you are using to power your heater? And there is an extra wire in that cable not being used? (normal for many 240V circuits) And that you would like to use that extra unused conductor to power a 120V receptacle? If I have that correct, I don't see how this can be done. What are you going to use as a neutral? And you can NEVER filch 120V off one leg of a 240V circuit and use the spare wire as a neutral. So like I said... I'm confused!
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    Nov 19, 2007, 09:41 AM
    Sorry, but I wish I could get to some questions such as this before others, but the real advice is, you may not like this, receptacles are not allowed to use circuits for fixed space electric heat.

    Please note, this is only for permanently installed heaters.

    If this heater is portable, then the circuit can feed a combination device, with a 240 volt and a 120 volt receptacle, such as the picture attached.

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