We are building a new 3650 square foot home in Land O Lakes Florida with the builder David Weekly. We do a LOT of exterior Christmas lights; and we requeste that eight external GFI's be placed at our roofline two on each side of the house to accommodate our wiring needs.

We asked that every two GFI's be wired to a separate breaker.

We asked for on extra external GFI to be at ground level at the front of the house. We also asked that these TWO GFI's be wired to the same breaker.

David Weekley said they could do this; but we would need to upgrade our electrical panel from a 200 amp to a 300 amp panel. This is going to be an upcharge of 1300 dollars plus an additional 70 dollars for each new breakder we requested.

The question I have is - DO I Really need this? Do I need to have TWO GFI's going to one breaker. Or can I have all my Chrismas LIght GFI's going to the same breaker? IF I did that would a 20amp breakder be enough or should I just ask them to upgrade the breaker?

In our current house which has VERY OLD wiring - we blow breakers all the time with our external christmas lights and we just odn't want to have that issue here.