The utility spotter recommendeds the corner of my house as the location for a 200 amp aerial service entrance/meter base. My county requires a shut-off switch with the meter base, so a combination meterbase and load center is the standard here.

I'm okay with her recommended SE location, but long term I'd like to be able to run new branch circuits easily without opening up the stucco. Due to the low angle of my single story hip roof, that won't be possible from the SE location. So I want to install a sub-panel in the garage where most of the branch circuits will originate. The top of the garage wall offers a straight shot into the attic (single story) so it should be very easy to work with in the future.

I read in this forum that a 200 amp panel can't handle the 200 amp breaker needed to feed a 200 amp sub-panel. What do you guys recommend? What's the best way to get 200 amps to my garage sub-panel?

Before reading that post earlier, I'd planned on ordering this equipment:
* GE 200 Amp Outdoor Meter Socket Main Breaker Load Ctr 4-8
* GE 200A Met/Sock 20-40 load center and meter panel
* GE 200A 40-40 Subpanel
* GE 200A 2 pole circuit breaker

So what do the experts recommend? (btw, I can't afford a 400 amp SE panel =)