I need to bring 2 new circuits from the panel in the garage to the basement. I would like to use 12/2 NM-B (Romex with ground) from the panel through PVC conduit to the basement. It is about a 12' run, then a 90 degree turn, then about another 10' to a spot below the panel. At this point it would enter the sheetrocked wall and go up to the panel. The conduit would be fastened to the sheetrock about 9" to 1' above the poured concrete floor of the garage. I have enough 1" PVC conduit on hand to do this. However I must confess that I don't really understand the fill ratios for the conduit I have been reading about.
Can I run these 2 pieces of Romex through the 1" PVC conduit for the 22' run? Note that this is all inside the garage, no outside exposure.
Thanks, Fredonians