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Statement of cash flows not balancing
Asked by buttercup56, Dec 9, 2017 01:11 AM in Finance & Accounting
I have done the balance sheet for November and December and both of those balance. The statement of cash flows however is 2500 off and I don't know...
What colleges have the largest Italian American student body?
Asked by talysmania, Dec 5, 2017 06:25 PM in Universities & Colleges
I'm Italian American and I'm looking for some college where I can find people that I share that cultural background with. I've been the only Italian...
Asked by rowley 2004, Dec 5, 2017 12:54 AM in Language
Hi. I want to make sure the quotes on our CA is grammatically correct: "To render payment to requesting Compenationto the subject within 14days...
World War II- Battles in North Africa
Asked by simplerickforev, Dec 3, 2017 04:28 PM in Middle School
Once Rommel´s attacks were stop what did Montgomery do that completely turned the tide in North Africa?
How many four digit odd numbers can be formed using only the digits 0, 3, 2, 7, and 5
Asked by wlfarr8, Nov 24, 2017 04:34 PM in Math & Sciences
I would like to know how to start solving this problem. Please provide step by step instructions in simplified form.
Biomedical doubts
Asked by maddy quick, Dec 1, 2017 01:41 PM in Academic Advising
What all details should be collected by a biomedical internship student from a hospital? What all questions should be asked to the staffs?
Which University Should I Attend
Asked by ponpon, Nov 29, 2017 04:08 AM in Universities & Colleges
Hello, I am an international student, and I have been admitted to the University of Manchester and Edinburgh to study MSc In Marketing. Since both...
How can I find best CSS books?
Asked by emilyzoey02, Nov 24, 2017 12:19 AM in Academic Advising
I want prepare my exam. Kindly guide me.
A uniform plank 5m long and mass 10 kg is supported on a knife edge. Masses of weight
Asked by luvicom2001, Nov 22, 2017 10:39 PM in High School
A uniform plank 5m long and mass 10 kg issupported on a knife edge. Masses of weight 40 kg, 20 kg, and x kg aresuspended at distances of 1m, 2m and...
How long on average did a unit of inventory sit on the shelf before it was sold
Asked by estewartjr, Nov 19, 2017 07:05 AM in Finance & Accounting
Bobaflex Corporation has ending inventory of $426,163 and cost of goods sold for the year just ended was $6,238,615. How long on average did a...
Rectangular coordinate system
Asked by Impy, Nov 18, 2017 09:26 AM in Math & Sciences
I need to get the answer for my math homework. I’ve been asking the same questions in similar websites like this one. It would really help me, thanks.
Valuation of participating preference shares
Asked by Fafiesam, Oct 24, 2017 09:37 AM in Finance & Accounting
10000 16% participation preference shares of $1 each =$10000 ( each participating preference share partcipate equally in ordinary dividend per share...
The volume of a rectangular box is 64 ft3. If the width is 3 times longer than the he
Asked by MrGrove, Nov 10, 2017 09:33 AM in Math & Sciences
The volume of a rectangular box is 64 ft3. If the width is 3 times longer than the height, and the length is 9 times longer than the height, find the...
Item 9 Which pairs of numbers have a GCF of 5? 10 and 30 20 and 35
Asked by Nightmarecha, Nov 8, 2017 03:20 PM in Middle School
Help me pleassssseee
Pet shop animals
Asked by pr06072000, Nov 8, 2017 06:50 AM in Middle School
Total number of guppies and frogs is 51. Total number of frogs and puppies is 17. Total number of puppies and guppies is 58. How many of each...
Case Study
Asked by Meet Kotecha, Nov 5, 2017 07:16 PM in Universities & Colleges
Sharon, a native of Alabama, was on her first visit to Canada. She had never experienced a Canadian winter until that January day when she arrived in...
Itermittent pilot against intrupted in rtu
Asked by sunilpawar, Nov 4, 2017 06:39 PM in Distance Learning
Can I conuse itermittent verses interupted in rtu
Word Problem - Two step equations
Asked by knowledgestorm, Nov 3, 2017 09:01 AM in Math & Sciences
Selma's class is making care packages to give to victims of natural disaster. Selma packs one box in 5 minute and has already packed 12 boxes. Her...
Why are 'ie' pronounced with long vowel sound?
Asked by Hiwatari_yuki, Nov 1, 2017 12:26 PM in Language
So I was wondering, words with 'ie' like believe, achieve, piece are they pronounced with a long vowel sound because they end with 'e'? Or because...
Make or Buy decisions
Asked by vdfb, Oct 30, 2017 06:45 AM in Finance & Accounting
Hello I am having a little problem with one of my homework questions I need to calculate whether to make or buy a product already being manufactured...

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