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Real numbers
Asked by Navpreet Singh, Apr 27, 2017 08:24 AM in High School
What is the largest number when divided by 56 72 84 90 leaves remainder 50, 66, 78, 84
how the equation A=e x w is a formula
Asked by furialatina1015, Apr 25, 2017 05:46 PM in Elementary School
how the equation A=e x w is a formula
Preferred dividends
Asked by Ges1228, Apr 22, 2017 06:13 PM in Finance & Accounting
I need to subtract preferred stock from net income, but the only information for preferred stock is this: Preferred stock $.01 par value ($.0625...
Probability on biased dice
Asked by SurendraAsk, Apr 23, 2017 11:50 PM in Graduate School
two dice are biased so that probability of getting a six on each die is o.3. the two dice are rolled. By drawing a tree diagram, or otherwise, find...
Notes are an integral
Asked by moaemen, Apr 22, 2017 01:54 AM in Finance & Accounting
Explain why the notes are an integral part of the financial statements
Cash flow statement
Asked by harshparak, Apr 20, 2017 03:26 AM in Universities & Colleges
I have two doubts 1) If a business operates using bank and receives and pays via bank, are such transactions included in cash flow? If not then...
I need to view a student working on Ipad, from webcam
Asked by NeuroNurse, Apr 18, 2017 02:02 PM in Learning Disabilities
I am looking for a webcam that is multidirectional I will connect it to a Dell laptop while the student is using an iPad to improve learning...
What is new and old at the same time?
Asked by JohnMacClarren, Apr 18, 2017 12:59 AM in Research
Size, air, land, sea , why?
A upright caterpillar with big hat and white gloves that taught counting and math he
Asked by GRANDMATEACH, Feb 17, 2017 01:20 AM in Early Childhood Education
Looking for the name or the actual toy. Upright standing caterpillar that sung and danced "YOUR A SMARTY pANTS" when you answered his questions...
What are the advantades and disadvantages of public sector bank
Asked by deepanshusaini3, Apr 17, 2017 04:26 AM in Education Administration
What are the disadvantages & advantages of public sector bank What are the advantages of public sector bank
Can someone please help with a data and how to identify the values ?
Asked by nikhilchordia, Apr 16, 2017 11:29 PM in Math & Sciences
I have the following values and would need to calculate freight and Duty. FOB =11,066.80 Landed Value = 14313.47 Agency Fee = 1328.02...
One earthquake has magnitude 3.1. If a second earthquake has 810 times as much energy
Asked by kbs2605, Apr 10, 2017 02:29 PM in Math & Sciences
Find the magnitude of the 2nd earthquake
Help with writing a summary of my asperations for future
Asked by hope8114, Apr 7, 2017 06:44 PM in Reading & Writing
Hello I need help writing a brief summary of my goals for my future,, my asperations for future, as a neonatal nurse please help
exponential equation
Asked by LNHOFFMA, Apr 6, 2017 12:31 PM in Universities & Colleges
John is a high school student who is taking 8 courses during the school year. In order to motive him, Johnís parents came up with two awarding plans...
Which university I should accept its offer
Asked by Hani121, Apr 3, 2017 02:56 AM in Graduate School
I am an international student, and I have been admitted from five universities, but I have finalized them to only two universities. The first one is...
Which bank provides the highest interest rate on an recurring deposit?
Asked by reddysaahil, Apr 4, 2017 03:00 AM in Finance & Accounting
I want to start a rd account for a min. of 1 year to max. 5 years. Can any one guide me which bank will be best for me?Amount - 3000 to 5000 Per Month
With online school.
Asked by Vickey Parker, Apr 2, 2017 11:52 AM in Other Education
I am going to school for my G.E.D. I have a laptop now, I wanted to know if I could 1get my G.E.D online. 2 start taking a trade online while in the...
Basic algerba
Asked by bigdee1313, Mar 29, 2017 03:01 PM in Universities & Colleges
the sum of two numbers is 14. The total of 3 times the smaller and twice the larger is 33. Assume x is the smaller number. I need to form the...
What is your review of PC Polytechnic Pune?
Asked by pcpolytechnic, Mar 27, 2017 10:30 PM in Universities & Colleges
Provide review about Pimpri Chinchwad Polytechnic.
What are the various job options after engineering?
Asked by pccoe, Mar 27, 2017 11:09 PM in Universities & Colleges
Provides Various job options after engineering.

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