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How can I prove my education?
Asked by Floridagirl06, Yesterday 06:20 PM in Universities & Colleges
My Nursing school has lost my transcripts. I need transcripts to get a license in a different state. How can I prove my education?
Asked by YOGA PINGALA, Yesterday 05:57 AM in High School
If a,b,c and d are real numbers such that a2+b2 = 41 and c2+d2 = 25 ,then the polynomial whose zeroes (a+b) and (c+d) can be ?
If a bicycle wheel makes 7 rotations a second and has a diameter of 75 cm
Asked by SallyXU, Oct 20, 2016 08:02 AM in High School
If a bicycle wheel makes 7 rotations a second and has a diameter of 75 cm,what cosine function describes the height of a point on the end of the...
Basic accounting problem
Asked by nprodon, Oct 19, 2016 06:14 PM in Finance & Accounting
An entity pays rent quarterly in arrears on Jan. 1, Apr 1, July 1 and Oct 1 each year. The ren was increased from 900,000 to 1,200,000 per year...
Which one of these study fields would you choose for studying?
Asked by Alnix, Oct 19, 2016 06:31 AM in Universities & Colleges
Which do you think it will be given more priority in the future ? Engineering Electronics or Engineering Telecommunications or Engineering...
I need a answer quickly please
Asked by dina alfarra, Oct 18, 2016 01:19 PM in Universities & Colleges
To stretch a relaxed biceps muscle 2.5 cm requires a force of 25 N. Find the Young’s modulus for the muscle tissue, assuming it to be a uniform...
How do I account for a large understatement of income from previous quarters?
Asked by JKriley, Oct 17, 2016 09:00 AM in Finance & Accounting
Our previous two treasurers left after disagreements with our Board of Directors so I was asked to "fill in" until they could be replaced. In the...
Asked by physicshelppp, Oct 15, 2016 05:41 AM in Other Education
A bus makes a trip according to the position–time graph shown in the illustration. What is the average acceleration (in km/h2) of the bus for the...
Transcripts, closed college, Bauder College, Sacramento, CA
Asked by carancpa, Mar 24, 2016 01:27 AM in Universities & Colleges
I graduated with an AA in Fashion Design from Bauder College, 641 Howe Ave, Sacramento, CA in 1978. According to the Department of Education the...
Research on congratulatory messages
Asked by OgechiEkechi, Oct 14, 2016 04:52 AM in Research
What is the attitude of Britons towards congratulatory messages posted in the newspaper. For example, I) Do British people see the sponsors of...
Asked by soraya.n, Oct 14, 2016 01:48 AM in Language
Hi, How can I put it right? Teaching to a class ( in which the neighbor's children study / with the neighbor's children /... ) can be difficult....
Commission rate help
Asked by Tomyche72, Oct 9, 2016 07:59 AM in Finance & Accounting
I'm a commission sales person and I need help with a simple formula. I sell furniture and on that furniture I can sell a protection plan I get paid...
Question about Changes in Surplus
Asked by minibush3, Oct 12, 2016 08:53 AM in Math & Sciences
Will Both Consumer and Producer Surplus decrease as a result of a decrease in demand? Or is this not possible? Assuming there is a decrease in...
Do you feel teachers are modeling appropriate behavior into the life of high school y
Asked by mnoteng31, Oct 10, 2016 09:02 PM in High School
Please give me complete sentences
Asked by stephmed83, Oct 11, 2016 09:43 AM in Other Education
How can I obtain my transcript from harrison career institute in ewing nj
Asked by FATdee, Oct 7, 2016 02:07 PM in Distance Learning
Who is the president
If a car is traveling westward with a constant velocity of 20 m/s . What is the net f
Asked by TORRELL98, Oct 6, 2016 08:58 PM in Math & Sciences
If a car is traveling westward with a constant velocity of 20 m/s,what is the net force acting on the car?
Asked by soraya.n, Oct 7, 2016 03:05 AM in Language
Hello, Which one is grammatically correct?I have resorted to as many solutions as they exist.I have resorted to as many solutions as it exists.I...
Asked by umerfarooq, Oct 6, 2016 10:53 AM in Math & Sciences
Compute the work done against gravity by a pump that discharges 600liters of fuel oil into a tank 20m above the pump intake. One cubic centimeter of...
High school diploma
Asked by Connielas, Oct 4, 2016 09:49 AM in High School
I need a copy of my high school diploma it was stolen and I wanted to get a replacement I graduated from Roberto Clemente high school in 1995 June 9...

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