I am a concerned grandma. My son & daughter-in-law are going to homeschool my grandson for kindergarten and then send him to public first grade next year when his sister will go to public kindergarten. He will be 6 the end of December.

He is very bright and the actual learning part of kindergarten does not concern me. My concern is that he needs the socialization of kindergarten. He also needs to listen to other adults and have something that is his own. He has two year old twin siblings along with the 4 year old sister. He gets bored with always playing with the younger kids.

Also, I think that when children enter kindergarten they all enter on a level playing field. When he enters first grade all of the other children will be familiar with the school and comfortable with the teachers and other children. I feel he will be at a big disadvantage.

The town is 1700 and the school is small.

Does anyone have any thoughts or experience in this matter?