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    Nov 15, 2012, 01:52 AM
    Old Educational Video
    To start, please tell me I am not the only one who remembers this.

    I have been searching all over the web with multiple keywords and my search has yielded nothing - not even anything similar. I'm searching for an old educational tape.

    The description of the tape (in simple forms of what I remember):

    - It had a sing-a-long break at the halfway point. I believe it was something along the lines of "sing along with Sophie"... or, it may have been "sing along with Suzy". However, Sophie stands out a lot more in my mind.

    - The "Sophie" (or Suzy) character appeared as a monster type puppet (it was probably a costume, come to think of it). It was very, very fuzzy... It actually resembled Cousin It from the Addam's Family. I believe the fur colors were a neon green and blue (it's a little fuzzy in my mind). This character was very shy, and I remember her giving (or receiving) a present in a little basket.

    - The main point of the video was to teach children how to write the alphabet. It was a (possibly middle-aged) woman using a marker on a dry erase board. Sometimes the marker would squeak and she would make note of it. I also remember her saying something along the lines of the letter 'J' having a hat. Something like, "Now, you can draw a 'J' without his hat, but I think he looks better with it".

    - The last thing I remember is that this came in an educational brochure when I was a little kid. For the longest time, I could have swore it was some part of Hooked on Phonics, but now I'm not so sure. However, I know it came from an educational brochure and that it was delivered in the mail.

    Well, that's all I know. I would really love to see this video again, but I just can't find any traces of it anywhere... I really hope I'm not going crazy. Do any of you remember this video?

    Oh, I also think it was from the late 80's or possibly the early 90's.. the film quality seemed to be from around that time. Thanks.

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