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    Jun 12, 2012, 08:08 AM
    Kids educational videos from the late 80s and abcs and numbers
    I am trying to find 2 videos from the 80s I watched as a child. One was an alphabet video that went something like "a is for alligator"... after that, the only other letter I remember for sure was "j is for jaguar". But it was like a big sing along or something. The second one was a numbers video that would draw each number up to 10 out on the screen. It was a black background and literally like someone was drawing the numbers. I always remember number 8 clearly. As children, my brother and I watched these videos until they stopped working and my mom either threw them away or gave them away. She said she ordered them from some kind of kid's educational brocher or that they mailed her free ones to try out or something like that. She said that it had the words "American" and "Family" in the company name but that's all she remembers.
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    Nov 16, 2012, 11:51 PM
    Hello, I think we are looking for the same ABC and Number learning tapes. I think the song went There's Abby Alligator, Barney Banana, Clifford Carrot, Dinosaur Denise, there's E___________ Elephant and Franny the Frog and I do not remember the rest of the song but there was a Tiger in the video I think. If I found out anything I will post the information.

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