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    Jun 10, 2009, 09:15 AM
    Is there a way for me to adjust or reduce the div tag
    Iím doing a website using Dreamweaver and I canít seem to get the apdiv tag to view on top of another tag with a SWF file attached. When I go to publish the page, I click on the first div tag, and I see this transparent frame where the SWF file is located. Is there a way for me to adjust or reduce the div tag in order for the first div tag to show? Please help!
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    Oct 16, 2009, 06:46 PM
    I've had a similar experience. 2 things come to mind to try. First, hopefully you know that the first div set will appear above the second div set. If the widths and height of both div sets were w:200 and h:200 and you were to style="positon:absolute or relative; top: -200px; left0px" then the second div set would be placed over the first. With that said here are a few tings to try to get any specific div set to show in front of another.

    1. You could use CSS tricks with :hover. Starting a tag with a given position and then change the hover position which would move the div away to display the other div.

    2. Using the hover idea again you could also use display: block and hidden on hover. Sometimes MAC platforms are the most stubborn with this, but if you are using a more current browser (which MOST people are these days it should work.

    Another option, you could use javascripts hide and show. I used that very idea for a site I did for the Vermont adoption site. Support Groups

    Good luck.

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