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    Apr 15, 2013, 09:49 AM
    Dreamweaver,jquery issue
    I am just beginning to
    Develop a website and I'm
    A newbie to web
    I created a dreamweaver
    Template with a top level
    Navigation menu. The
    Menu was created using
    <li> and <a> with some
    Css. I used a class
    'selected' with li to make
    It seem selected.
    The jquery code:
    $("nav li").click(function
    $("nav li").removeclass();
    Now to the problem...
    When I test the template file
    In browser, the clickd
    Menu item looks selectd. But
    After I added <a>
    Elements 'links' to some
    Other pages the 'selection'
    Is still on the first li.
    I think my question make
    The a element is inside li
    And takes the same width
    And height of li. And if there is no
    Href to <a>,it works fine. Please help
    How to solve it

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