hi I made a post maybe last year in the summer time about my yorkie being sick. Well now he is sick again we took him to the vet maybe 3 4 times in the past month. The vet thinks he has pacrenitus while the first vet we saw in the summer said it was nothing just bever fever.at first he was poopin bad diarea so we took him to the vet to get medicene for pacrenitus. After that he has beenin thorwin up none stop. Its almost like a cough and than some white foam and stuff comes out. Doesn't look like here is food in it. But than again he isn't eating much he is so skiny now u can feel his whole spine when u pet him. He kept doing this throwing up we would try to give him his medicene and he would just cough/ throw it up again. So we called the vet and told her she said bring him in and give him I've for the day so we can try and put medicene in him and he hold it down. Well that maybe helped for the 1 day. Back to normal the vet is complelety stumped she has no idea what's wrong with him. He alos kind of breaths funny. He will inhale thank kind of hold his breath than exhale.so vet did x rays on his lungs organs etc and she said everything looks great and health. Says only thing she can to is ship him off to this specialest that will cut him oopen to look at his stomach. But that will COST 5000!! And we do not have that kind of money.it is really odd though because I squeeze his stomach and he doesn't wine or anying or moan. U think he would if he had pacnreiatus.alos he still runs around when he sees u come home he jumps up. Still sometimes plays with his toys. But I notice when he gets exicted is when he coughs up that white stuff. He is now 10 years old if anyone has any ideas or can help that be great. I love him very much he's the first and only dog I have ever had I don't want to lose him. I would like to at least see him grow old.thx for listing