I have a 8 year old yorkie I don't know what is going on have tried a couple things like change his diet. But he has been seeming to have very bad gas when he goes poop its diarreha sorry can't spell and he seems to be throwing up a lot. It has been going on for hmm maybe 2 months now. I have been telling my parents to take him to the vet but they say the vet are scamers. We have taking him before and they didn't know what was wrong with him cost us like 500 bucks and they didn't fix the problem or no what was wrong with him he just got better this happened last year now its back.we have lake we go to all summer and he was sick when we got back they said he ate an old bone that's why he was sick.but now he seems to be getting skinnier. Now when I pet him I can feel his ribs and his spine. He seems to be energic jumps around when I get home and still excited little guy. Today I noticed how skinny he was when my brother told me about his ribs I looked he also said he wasn't eating he ate little bit early of his food probbably mid day and didn't throw up. My mom just gave him straight meat it was a roast I think it was and he throw it all up with 5 minutes after. I finally convinced my mom tot ake him to the vet and she thinks they going to put him down:( I saw a show on heart warms and thought that's maybe what he got. But this thing grow up with me its true when they say mans best friend they always there for u. I've been very depressed before have no grampas they passed away when I was very young. My father always worked out of town rather saw him he wasn't even there for me to teach me how to skate but said he's working hard to give me a good life. I respect that. My grampa was a father figure to me because he was there when my dad wasn't. So he passed away and I got this dog I don't know how ill react to what's going to happen. What should I do.

Thanks for reading and all the help:(