My dog Cheyenne is a Yorkshire Terrier she is the Silky Yorkie. She is about 2 years old and never used to have this problem with peeing and pooping in the house. I'm worried, I don't know why she stopped going outside. When I put her outside, she goes but then she goes MORE inside! Nothing changed in the house, just been a bit stressful but that's it, nothing more, nothing less. I'm worried because my parents said that if she keeps having accidents in the house, we have to get rid of her and Cheyenne is like my baby :(. Please someone help me figure out why she started this! If it helps we live in a warmish state so it only gets to about 30 degrees so it's not that cold to where she can't go outside. Please someone help me before it's too late for her! I can't give her up :(