After 6 years my male, fixed, brittany spaniel has never had an accident, even as a puppy. This past weekend we had went away, leaving him alone. He has free access to the house with a doggy door he knows how to use and has always used. He has been left alone many times before, but this time we came home to numerous piles of poop all over the house. My eldest daughter, who had trained him originally and was close with him, left for college, and he used to search the house for her for the first month she was gone, but he never had an accident then, so we felt maybe he thought we were leaving too, and he pooped out of anger, and it was a fluke thing. But after being back for a week, and my daughter is now here visiting from college, we came home from a day of shopping to find he had peed in the living room, and last night we woke up to poop in the den. We tell him bad dog, and he puts his head down and tries to suck up with a hug, and then runs away when we repeat bad dog. But we have never caught him in action. Why is he doing this all of a sudden? Does it have to do with some sort of separation anxiety? What should we do? He is part of the family, and has always been an inside, house dog. We'd like to keep it that way. Need advise please!