Hello! I have 1 year old miniature schnauzer and she is potty trained, or so I thought, and she has been having issues with where to go to the bathroom these days. About a month ago her living situation changed, but it is not until recently that she has been having problems. We moved in with my parents (when I say we I mean my dog and myself) and they have an older 11 year old mini schnauzer, which my dog spent time with weekly prior to the move. The two dogs have a great time together they play and there doesn't seem to be any trouble. The only thing that seems a little odd lately is that my dog only wants to eat the other dogs food, which is senior dog food, and she doesn't really eat hers unless you try to give it to her then she will eat it from your hand. My problem though is that she is pooping in the house. I let her out several times throughout the time I am home and she is in a kennel during the work day and I know she is pooping outside, but the problem is that she is also pooping inside. She is getting all of the same amount of attention/time from me and others, so I don't really know what the problem is. I would also like some help figuring out what am I to do to stop this problem... before my parents have a fit with me and her.