She is a 7.5-8 year old collie husky mix and the most wonderful dog I have ever known. We got her when she was 5 and never had problems with her until this last year she would potty in the house and occasionally pooh we switched foods. Problem solved. But within the last 2-3 months she's messing and pottying in the house. She is never alone as her best friend, our cat, and her have free roam of the house all day. Her potty schedule has not been changed even in the slightest. We took her to the vet, he gave us antibiotics for a possible urinary infection but its taken care of now and her problems have not gone away. The vet did a full physical and found absolutely nothing else wrong with her. My husband is fed up and has given me limited time to resolve the issue before I have to get rid of her. Any and all advice is appreciated!