3 weeks ago we got a 6 month old rescue dauchsand/pug mix. When it's time for him to go to the bathroom, or he starts sniffing around, I take him to our designated spot in the back yard to use the bathroom. He is on the leash the entire time. When he starts to pee I say "Do your business" and the when he's done I reward him with a treat and/or affection. Then I wait for him to poop, but often he won't go. He sniffs around and then just stands beside me waiting to go in. After 10 minutes and sometimes as long as 40 minutes I will take him in. Then, within a few minutes of coming inside I will find a mess where he pooped. He always does it in a bedroom where there is carpet. And I can never catch him in the act. I've tried taking him for long walks, or putting him in his crate until he finally does go outside, which can be hours after he eats. I've never punished him or put his face in the mess. I just ignore the behavior, clean it up, and strongly reward him when he does go outside. This just doesn't seem to be getting any better. His foster mom said he wasn't having any accidents, but she was just letting out to go anywhere in the yard every 20 to 30 minutes. Is this because I'm making him go in one place instead of all over the yard? What do I do? Please help!