My rottweiler gave birth to 13 pups all seemed to be well. But on day 2 they started to die. I managed to save 7 of them with bottle feeding and a course of antibiotics. Then at 2 and a half weeks old I lost another one. Then at 4 weeks old another died then 2 days later another died. Now at 5 and a half weeks old 4 have survived. All have been wormed at 2, 4 and 5 weeks old. The 4 left are on another course of antibiotics. The pups that have died all had the same symptoms - Loss of appetite - eventually refusing to open their mouths, struggling to breath - taking a breath approx. every 2 - 5 seconds, seizures - whole body goes rock hard and stiff appearing to be dead, small lumps - tiny spots or lumps eventually covering whole body even around eyes and nose. The last puppy that died appearred to have gone blind - his eyes were blue with a glassy, cloudy film over them. One of the 4 left appears to be going blind in one eye as well. I have spoken to my vet and was told it was probably fading puppy syndrome. I am not satisfied with this answer and hope that someone else may have an idea. My question is - What was wrong with my pups and why did they die?