My dog is a bichon frise ,she is 1year and 6months old.
She is 64 dogs pregnant ( counting from her 1st matting).
I have been taking her temperature from day 60 and it was
100.8 on day 61 her temperature was 100.5 in the morning and
99.5 in the evening, I then taught she was going to whelp
That night because of downfall in her tenperature. The night
Came and no puppies on day 62 her temperature stayed at 100
On day 63 her temperature was 100 in the morning and 99.7 in
The evening. Today (day 64) I took her temperature at 9:30
And it was 100.6 and I took it again at 16:40 and it was
101.1. for the past week there has been milk from her
Nipples and she is picking at her food and drinking her
Water as normal. There is no sign off getting turned off
Food or nesting and she is still fairly active. Please reply
A.S.A.P as I am worried something may be wrong"