2 weeks ago we discovered my my 11 year old yorkie has liver disease. The vet put her on 3 medienes one to protect the liver,one to get off the fluid and one to fight infections. We brought her home and she was still eating her science diet. 3 days later she stopped, we have tried milk thistle. And we have tried to feed her everything she ate until a couple of days ago. We tried eggs,oatmeal.chicken-boiled pork,ground beef,cheese,vailla wafers. Cesar dog food.presuction diet-recoverly.purina and everything else.dog bone. Baby food. Tuna.turkey. Rice and even lettuce. Etc.

She get's weak and stumbles around and will fall in the water because her legs will not bend. Since she will not eat.

The vet said she is not in pain though and not to give up on her yet and I know to more people whose dog got liver disease the same week. Could it be a virus?

And what else could I try to feed her to build her up?