I adopted the most precious pup I have ever had from the local dog shelter. Of course she was amazing the first week then she got real sick. We took her to the vet to find she had a positive reading for Parvovirus. I almost gave up considering how much treatment costs but luckily I had a very good friend who knew a vet tech and we did the at home treatments. Luckily my baby survived she is now 14 weeks. She got taken of the IV about 12 days ago. Friday we were told by our vet to take her off her antibiotics and nausea pills. She has an awesome appetite and in my opinion is recovering very well. She's very playful and energetic and like I said she eats like a horse :). I believe she's a lab/beagle mix that's what she appears to be at least. The pound said lab mix. I have been feeding her an all natural wet food that is easy to digest. My question is how long does she need to stay on easy to digest food? Its not puppy food and I want to make sure she gets all the necessary vitamins and proper nutrition for her development and growth.. This is my first ever parvo experience. I can call my vet tomorrow but I wanted to see what other people have done in this situation too. Thank You for your time!