So, my dog has had an allergy problem for awhile (We finally chose a new vet and she has a appt on Sat.), and I don't know if this has anything to do with it or not. Annie has been developing these pustules on her face around her mouth. We ignored it at first because eventually they went away on their own, but it took a long time. The top of one got scratched off by something or other, and I saw that pus was oozing out of it. So, like the grossie that I am, I squeezed it (I know, big no no). So, watery pus and blood came out, but also a little bunch of hair, maybe three or four strands thick and about quarter of an inch long came out of it. What? Has anyone ever seen or heard of these weird zits with hair in them? So Annie gets tons of them, and the few that I squeezed (I had to see if more of them had hair in them) would shoot this weird hair out. I plan on asking my vet about it on Sat. but does anyone have any ideas?