My husband and I currently own two miniature daushaunds, or as most people call them weenie dogs.We have a female, Daisy, who is 4 yrs old and a male Duke, who is 7 months old. The female has been a wonderful, loving, caring, protecting pet. She is potty trained, house trained, we have very few problems with her. It took a while to potty train her, and I expected the same with the male. We have had them both fixed. They both have an abundance of toys to play with, a huge back yard to play in, and are healthy eaters. However, we are at our wits end with the male. Here are some of the behaviors/problems we are experiencing: hyperactivity, never settles down, we can play fetch for hours upon hours and he never wants to stop. When he plays and he waits for the toy, if he is waiting next to us on the couch, he will run and bounce all over us to get to it. AT night, while we sleep he will bounce up and down all over us to get to what he wants. With us expecting our first baby in February, we have removed him several times after jumping on top of me, the wife, as fear of hurting the baby. Aggression problems- tears everything he can get his little paws on. He has chewed holes in furniture, our mattress, carpet, shoes. We have done our best to puppy proof, but never ever had problems with the female chewing up expensive stuff that can't be removed! Daily Walk- when he gets on his leash, he cannot stand to walk--he is pulling full force on his leash. Potty training- we take him outside, we have tried with and without the female, sometimes she's good at modeling, othertimes he is more mixed up in what's going on everywhere else to watch. Praise worked wonders with our female, and we have done the same with him, and he could seem to care less. We have tried treats immediately after he goes and does his business outside. He eats the treat, comes inside, and goes again. Our vet suggested kennel training, as we did with our female. He gets angry and squeals the entire time we are gone in the kennel. I have tried keeping them contained in a small area with a pet gate, he chewed a hole completely through the gate and got out. Another big problem is house guests. Anytime someone comes to our door, or they think they hear the slightest noise of a person around, I have to completely put the dogs in a separate room, or they are ready to attack, especially the male. The female has always barked a little to let people know she is around, but has always backed off once she realizes we are OK.
The female is a very normal dog. She plays a few times throughout the day, loves to take her walk, plays well with him, never gets mad with him, unless there is a bone involved, and pretty much minds her own business. We give both dogs our undivided attention and do not show any of them more attention than the other, as we felt that this could be a problem too.
We are at our wits end with this puppy. We are both loving, caring, and compassionate for animals. We understand that he is just a puppy, but nothing is seeming to help, work, or even lead us in the right direction. We know the longer it gets, the harder it gets on us and the more put out we get. Can anyone offer us some advice/tips on how to change these behaviors. We are expecting our first baby to come in February, and if things do not progress soon, we are going to have to get rid of him. Please help us!!