A week ago a friend of mine told me he's giving me one of the 12 pups his Doberman gave birth to. The father is a Rottie , so immedietly I was enthused since I've had an empty kennel ready for a dog about 6 months ago. The pup was 5 weeks old when I got him and I took care or him , fed him , played with him , tried socializing it with everyone in the household . My family didn't approve because of it's breed's nature so I had to do some research . I realised that Rottwielers are pack animals and are pretty much built to brawl and like in all packs will fight to become the alpha of the pack. Now I have a niece and nephew to think about (1 and a half, and 2 years old) . I didn't realise how different Rottie's and Dobermans are from other dogs and I knew I didn't need an animal that could put my family at risk , so I returned him . It wasn't easy since I got attached to it pretty fast , but I thought it was the responsible thing to do

Now I'm trying to think of what kind of dog I can get , something loyal , can live in an outdoor kennel , good with children , easy to train . Nothing too big or too small

I've always wanted a husky but unfortunately we don't have the cold weather to accomidate.

I was thinking something along the lines of a labrador retreiver , so can they adapt to hot weather? (ofcourse they'll have air conditioned shelter in the kennel) and what am I in for if I get one? Better off getting two so they don't get bored or lonely when their alone? What other alternatives can I look at?