I have a Yorkie (Muttley) that is about 3. He is a rescue and the vet estimated his age while he was fixing his teeth, so I'll go along with 3.

When he gets excited he makes a snorting sound that resembles the sound pigs make.
I noticed it soon after I got him and asked the vet about it and he said it was something to do with a condition all Yorkies have and not to worry.

I've had him about 6 months now and it seems to be a little more often and a little louder.

I also noticed he makes the same sound , but greatly muted when he sleeps. This I am not sure if it is a new development or not because it it is so subtle.

I am asking for a few "second opinions" to ease my mind about this. This the first Yorkie or any little dog I have been around for any length of time.

It didn't take long to get really attached to Muttley. What a great dog. Learns fast, doesn't bark or shed,really affectionate and has the fearless attitude of a lion when he thinks he needs to be protective.

I'd appreciate any input. I've come to admire and respect the opinions of the people on this site since I been spending some here. :DThanks