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    Sep 9, 2007, 06:08 AM
    Sniffing dog
    Hi everyone ,it's me again.. lol... I am happy to report that Jake is doing great with his crate traing and hasn't had a pooping accident in a coouple weeks.It seems once he got over his medical problems he is doing wonderfully.My question now is I have been trying to get Jake to walk on his leash and he does OK with it ,except that I can't get him to stop sniffing the ground and concentrate on his walk.His snout is always in the ground.Is there a certain collar I should have on him ? All suggestions with be very much appreciated! Jake is now 14 weeks old.
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    Sep 9, 2007, 06:38 AM
    All but the most recalcitrant young puppies can be controlled before they are 4 months old with the flat collar and patience. If you must have something more with a younger puppy, use a fabric restricted slip collar. These are sort of a cross between the conventional flat collar and the slip collar. Some of them are adjustable, Good for a growing puppy. They have a fabric loop at one end with a metal ring holding the other end in the loop, allowing it to slid back a forth. Find one, or adjust one to where it will go on over the puppies head, but will not tighten up past a snug fit around the neck. Put it on the same way as the metal slip collar. The service dog school my Pepper and Holly belong to uses them on all their dogs, puppies and working dogs, except where they must use a head collar. The leading brands are Promise, Haltie, and Gentle Leader. They have a strap going around the dogs nose looking something like a muzzle. They work by pulling the dogs head around. No other way gives you such great control with so little force. The prong collar is now a
    dangerous relic of value only for its macho looks. Do not consider using one
    without hands on instruction from somebody with plenty of experience with them. The professional field trainer I work with had me put Holly in a Gentle leader at 11 weeks. Unlike other collars it is important to avoid snaps of the leash and just rely on a steady pull.

    Glad to hear his health is better and the crate clean. You can't train a dog out of a health problem.

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