Hi guys I have a femail pitbull who is just over a year, she only weighs about 60 to 65 pounds I've been to the vet about 3 times she doesn't have worms or nethign else wrong with her the problem is that is to skiny and hasn't gained any height nor width I'm feeding her on the regular basis and give her more then attention and she has abig yard where she plays around.

Eveyrtime someone comes over they think I don't feed my dog because her ribs are stickeing out the vets told me she's more then fine but she hasn't gained weight or size since about 6 months now and I really want her to get bigger. What should I feed her right now I am feeding a holistic blend dog food which I was told is all natural it is dry and I feed her twice a day

Is there another type of a food I shld slowly switch her too