I have a 7 month old dog and she recently became ill.(with in the past 4 days). First she wouldn't eat and she was only drinking water. The next day she tried to eat a small amount of chicken but not much maybe a ounce; but she was still drinking water. I thought she might have had really bad worms so I D-wormed her. Then she wasn't eating or drinking.and compleatley out of energy. Which really concerned me. I have been making her drink gator-aid, water mixed with a bit of honey. I have also been trying to make sure she gets some nutrients so I have been also giving her a raw egg each morning.( this happens to be her favorite treat :)) her energy is back she seems a little happier and wagging her tail more but she is still not eating or drink anything (other than what I have forced upon her). She threw up a few times and had diarriea once but that has stopped.(which is a good sign).Also, Her gums are a healthy pink rosey color. I am going to take her to the vet when I get my check Monday morning I just wanted some advice what to until then..